Who We Help

BAMM Lions is a 100% volunteer service club with 100% of each donation going to help our efforts.

We work primarily to prevent blindness and are known for our eyeglass collection drives and White Cane fund raising efforts. 

In the past twelve months we provided 62 eye exams and 120 pairs of new eyeglasses to individuals who could not afford to pay for eye care.  

If you are a Medical Professional or a Social Worker and have a person in need of eye care (exam, glasses, etc.), please complete the form below.  The completed form should be either mailed to the address on the form or emailed to the contact information on the form.

Each year BAMM Lions Club, on average, collects over 1,500 pairs of used eyeglasses, raises more than $20,000, and collects three to five hearing aids.

Your Help and Support Makes it Possible for the BAMM Lions Club to Help 22 Different Programs.